Football and the world

Read on to find out more about football culture in the world and its prominent events.

Football and the world

Chinese's Cuju

Indeed, football involves kicking a ball. And that's what the Chinese's Cuju, arguably the origin of football, entailed between 206 BC and 220 AD. However, unlike modern football, Cuju doesn't condemn the use of specific body parts. The only goal of Cuju is to kick a ball into the net. But is that all there is to football as we know it?

What of England?

Like Cuju, England invented a game called association football in the early 19th century. However, England's Association football has rules, a constituted authority, and structured football competitions.

Yet, association football games in the 19th century were bland. Players hardly pass the ball. A player with the ball at his feet would run at the opposition goal. Teammates would follow to pick loose balls in case the first player got off the ball.

By 1920, football looked more exciting. The Scottish brought the idea of moving the ball between players through passing to bypass their opponents. The Scottish style then spread across Central Europe. The Scot style became even more famous when the Hungarian national team used it to defeat England in a thrilling match that ended 6-3 at Wembley in 1953.

Other Countries That Left Their Marks on Football History 

After the Scots, other prominent cultures such as Brazil and Netherland also left their footprint on the beautiful game. In the end, modern football is a fusion of several cultural heritage and philosophies.

Prominent events in world football

FIFA World Cup

FIFA World Cup, created in 1930, is not only the most prestigious competition in the world of football but also the most viewed sporting event worldwide. According to FIFA, 3.572 billion viewers tuned in to watch the last World Cup, 2018 FIFA World Cup.

Such an incredible number of followers make the World Cup the cherry of all footballing events.

Continental Championships

Next to the World Cup are Continental Championships. Each continent organizes its own. The national teams then contest amongst themselves to win the cups. The six Continental Championships are;

  • African Cup of Nations
  • Asian Cup
  • Copa America
  • CONCACAF Gold Cup
  • European Championship
  • OFN Nations cup

UEFA Champion League and Copa Libertadores

The UEFA Champion League and Copa Libertadores hold the same prestige as World Cup to football clubs in Europe and South America. Football clubs across other continents also organize their respective Continental Championships. The winners of the various championships then play a FIFA Club World Cup.

Domestic Leagues

Individual nations operate separate football leagues. Of all the leagues, European leagues are the most attractive and lucrative. Football players from all over the world join the top European football clubs to compete with football stars like themselves across England, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain.

At the end of each football year, the best players are then awarded individual awards for their respective contributions. The two most prominent of such awards are Ballon D'or and FIFA World Player of the year.

FAQs about football

  • What country won the first world cup?

England won the first world cup in 1966.

  • What country is most famous for football?

Brazil is famous for its football passion.



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