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What to Know about Football 

The sport football is one of the world’s most popular sport. In football there are two teams of eleven players. This game is played on a large grass field with a goal post at each end. The object of the sport is to get a football ball into the opposing team’s goal post.

The sport football gives a sense of well-being, which has turned out to be a very important factor when trying to improve the happiness of the African people. The football sport gives more energy, improve self-esteem and lower anxiety and depression. This has improved happiness levels in African countries.

The talent is in Africa but the truth is that this continent lacks the socioeconomic benefits to offer its football talents. Knowing this, other continents offer African footballers better conditions and socioeconomic benefits.

Football in Africa

Football was brought to Africa by British colonies in the 18th century due to colonization of Africa. The first documented football game in the African continent was played in South Africa in 1862, that was before football official rules were codified.

Football is an important sport in Africa, it harmonizes the community throughout all age groups especially the male gender. Africa has a relatively long history in the sport and has turned to organizing their own football clubs. Football is somewhat known to be the most popular sport in Africa. Migration and trade of African players have excelled and are making remarkable history in football, so many successful African Football players are adored and recognized worldwide.

The challenge for African Football in the future will be, finding a way to capitalize on the talents of its players and reap the benefits of producing world-class talents. Algeria is presently the best football team on the continent, after winning the 2019 African Cup of Nations (AFCON) in Egypt. South Africa has the richest league in Africa. Egypt is the first African country to participate in the Federation international football Association FIFA world cup in 1934.

On the other hand, Arsenal and Chelsea happen to be the two most widely supported English football clubs in Africa.

Advancement of football in Africa

Football in Africa has advanced from what it was in its early years. African natives who were drawn to the sport have indeed organized their own continental football competition.

The development of football in Africa was at the time when Egypt, Ethiopia, South Africa and Sudan came together to establish the confederation of African Football (CAF). This establishment gave birth to the inaugural African cup of Nations the following year of which other African nations followed suit, giving CAF a better stand to Foster their goals. Confederation of African Football further advocated for African interests to include more African countries in the FIFA World Cup.

The involvement of Africa in football sport has been of a huge success, advancing and improving at the highest level of football competition. African Countries such as Nigeria, Ghana, Cote D’ivoire, Algeria, Senegal, Egypt and Cameron have made major accomplishments in African and World Football. They have excelled by outweighing other continents having won Olympic gold medals and FIFA world cups.



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