About Knaphill Football Club

Football clubs are fast becoming a significant organization in the world today. Aside from the sporting purpose which it serves, the act of playing football is now used as a tool for educating, entertaining and dexterity development. More interesting is the fact that people now make money from matches played by organized clubs such as the Knaphill Football Club and others.

The Knaphill football club as the name implies, generated its nomenclature from the base Knaphill, a Waterer’s park in Surrey, England. Initially a recreation ground, it was part of the nursery; blue gate fields and the part was laid out by working council between 1924; the year of creation, and 1928.

Since its year of creation, Knaphill was notable for striving towards being atop. Little wonder it was listed as the winner of the Surrey intermediate league for 1935–1936.

By 1980, the club was represented in the old Woking and district league (now Guildford and Woking alliance) in division 3. Since then, it recorded a drastic improvement with the aid of team managers who came to the table with different development plans.

What’s more to know?

The beginning of the twenty-first century brought about changes and development in the team and management level as well as to the structure.

In 2004-05 season, the club moved into their new ground at book Wood County Park, now known as Redding way. A ground whose facilities were purposely supplied by the developers of the brook wood manor housing development and owned by Woking Borough councils. After the completion of the waterer’s park ground in April 2005, making the new Knaphill be pronounced as having one of the best facilities in borough, the reserved team finished the season as the runner up to old Rustlishians. The A team were beaten by a last-gasp winner in junior cup semi-finals against sheppertin FB FC.

During the 2005-06 season, the first team was already firmly established as its new ground at Redding way, then the A team reverted to waterres parks upon refurbishment of pavilion.

In 2009-10, Knaphill achieved their highest ever position on the club’s history with a last kick of the game’s goal in the final game of the season. To do so, they secured a 2-2 home draw against Cobham FC and provided the point needed to clinch third spot in the CCL division table.

Club’s Honour

Knaphill has recorded umpteen achievement and these could be summarized as thus;

  1. First/Reserve/A Team honour
  2. Since 1972 till date, the club has won and led the A team category. Some achievement under this category are; the winner of 201819 Aldershot Senior Cup Runners Up, the winner 201718 Combined CountiesPpremier Challenge Cup, 20152016 Suburban League South Champion, winner of 200910 Combined Counties Reserve Division Fairplay Award, winner of 200708 Combined Counties League Division One Secretary of the Year and many others.
  3. Under 18s Honour
  4. Some specific honours here are; 201011 Grant McCellan Youth Cup Finalist and 201112 Grant McCellan Youth Cup Finalist.

Ladies Reserve Honour

Honours under the ladies reserve include; 20112012 Surrey Women and Girls League, under 18 league champions, Surrey Women and Girls League Cup Finalist, 201011 Surrey Youth Cup Winner, Surrey League Cup Winner, Surrey County Women/Girls Premier Division Winner, south England Tesco Cup Winners, all England Tesco cup finalists and so on and so forth.

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